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Mad Roaster started as a vehicle to support our friends in the refugee community, while bringing you quality kopi & toast too.

Who are refugees?

Refugees are persons who cannot return to their country of origin

for fear of serious harm, such as death or torture. Driven out of their homes, they find themselves stranded in foreign lands struggling to adapt.


Through our work with refugees, we found that their daily worries include:

"Do have enough to buy food for my family?"

"Will my landlord evict me today?"

"If I try to get work, will the immigration police arrest me?"


How does your purchase from Mad Roaster help?


Mad Roaster helps create livelihoods for refugees by commissioning tiny works of refugee art for our logos. Every Mad Roaster product features a unique logo hand-colored by a refugee in Asia, and your purchase of that product helps us pay them for their art.

We've also included their stories on our coffee cups, in the hope that the heart of our endeavor will resonate with yours.

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